Be a Presenter!

Come be part of the progress and development of online learning and the emerging digital learning community in BC!

Contact: Pam Parenty, Conference Coordinator with any questions or concerns, or to discuss ideas that may not fit the collection format.

Second Round Themes

You may submit a proposal on any theme; however, we are looking to fill gaps in the following areas:

● Use of Brightspace;

● Curricular specific sessions;

● Cross-curricular sessions;

● Indigenous resources and perspectives; Decolonizing courses;

● Use of BrightSpace: best practices for BrightSpace; Creator+; using BrightSpace in Blended Learning environments

Each topic can be addressed from multiple perspectives, including teacher, school leader, and researcher. In particular, we encourage differing perspectives and welcome personal experiences and facilitated discussions.

We greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into planning and delivering your workshops. Your willingness to share your passions and your expertise are what make the DL Symposium such an amazing experience. Presenters receive a discounted symposium registration (lead presenters only) and a fabulous gift.